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shannon kao.
i draw things sometimes and post them here sometimes.

asks and such are always welcome!

this is for a contest on another site where you had to humanize one of these guys

i, uh, took some liberties. a lot of liberties. but also in my defense i really really wanted to draw a punk artist.

(also i’m really happy with the texturing on those jeans. look!!!)

a cloth simulation with verlet integration! entirely javascript. ugh i’m so so happy with this though, you have no idea. features: movable cloth, cloth-object collision, coefficient of friction per object, the capability to do an essentially ARBITRARILY sized cloth how exciting is that

next step: convert to webgl and three dimensions!

what have i been doing lately you ask? WRITING SHADERS BOOYAH. yeah that’s right. i wrote code to make those teapots look like that. (to be fair the moss and the spots in the top two are outside images.) i really think the outline/cartoony one is cool though. it’s sneaky. :D 

quickk doodle of littledigits' girl andi. uh. i sort of?? trawled tumblr for OCs that looked fun, since i figure while i am on this style-adventure-journey i might as well draw things FOR people. but yes. 

when in doubt—trees! these were originally not done to be a set which is why their colors do not go together, but i am too lazy to go back and recolor them.

(my favorites are the nest on the middle tree and the leaf bits of the third tree)

Anonymous :  Hey Shannon, can you share how you make those paint-like drawings in Photoshop? We'd love it if you would make a tutorial. Your art is too fantastic!! :o

hi! oh man, tutorials—i feel like i’ve made the big leagues or something. (translation: i’m super super flattered and also sorry this took so long!) so, i assumed by “paint-like drawings” you meant these guys, but if i’m wrong feel free to let me know |D 

RIGHT so basically the trick to these is lots of overlay layers.

i did the next letter (c is for cottonmouth!) as a demo:

steps below!

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WELP okay this is it i spent way too long on this thing. the street sign is blank because i didn’t want to figure out what font street signs are usually in. anyway! here’s all of it: initial sketch, models, textured and lit.

giveaway prize for justatinysootsprite: a winter soldier comic, based off of a welcome to night vale tweet. 

there’s an alternate version of the second page with another night vale tweet on it, but I think it works better without the words.

also the headline in the second newspaper panel is just “captain america saves children” (i mean what else would he be doing with his free time?) 

i’ve been fooling around with low-poly models in 3ds max in preparation for work (next week! what!) 

these are fairly terrible but KEEP IN MIND first attempt at… low poly. and 3ds max. and. yeah. 

my general feeling is that 3ds max is easier to pick up than maya, though i still end up googling a bunch of things. ANYWAY I SPENT THE LAST, like, HOUR, unwrapping UVs from another model so that’s been super fun.

i have so many things to do and i’m not doing any of them!!! instead, lineless style attempt!

so what else is new. |D

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