they are not real and do not exist
shannon kao.
i draw things sometimes and post them here sometimes.

asks and such are always welcome!

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more tilt-shift!! i tried two things and the other one didn’t work so it will never see the light of day (by which i mean i posted it to twitter)

guess what i’ve discovered?? photoshop’s tilt-shift!! (and also iris blur) 

soooo iris blur plus color balance means i have the ability to instagram my own drawings this is gonna be like my burn&dodge phase but EVEN BETTER.

Giveaway winners time! The random number generator rolled:


AND bonus winner because why not:


Congrats you two! I’ll be messaging you shortly to ask what you would like. <3 

almost forgot, a pele for @sketch_dailies! 

invisible man for @sketch_dailies! i went through like four different ideas (sitting on grass? smoke of some kind? walking his (equally invisible) dog?) before settling on this one.

wow, so smooth!! so suave!!!! 

HMMM. i’m trying a shading thing which consists of using lots of straight lines and being lazy. 

Hey guys! I recently hit a small (very small) milestone in follower count, but you all are awesome and I figured one of these things was in order.



I think a lot of you are here for pretty different reasons (Night Vale, Pacific Rim and Aywas, I’m assuming) so whoever wins can pick what they want from the following choices:

tl;dr, I’ll draw whatever you want within reason. Wish, command, all that.

Thanks for sticking around!

samurai for @sketch_dailies on twitter! uh also i guess. i have a twitter if anyone is interested, although it’s not updated frequently and has less content than my tumblr. |D

anyway this was mostly an excuse to cover something in patterns and use fun colors. 

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