they are not real and do not exist
shannon kao.
i draw things occasionally.

asks and such are always welcome!

here’s a couple halloween-y tiling wallpapers for you guys! free to use wherever, though i’d love it if you gave me a link back. 

another landscape! i am very into squares lately.


this is me in various halloween costumes for that meme.

"tree frog faery princess" for justatinysootsprite; “dragon biker” for beware-the-ice; this thing for spexxy (thanks for picking the MOST FLATTERING outfit jamie)

also guys if you want me to draw YOU in a halloween costume i would totally do that too. drop me an ask or something! 

maybe i can turn in a page of vultures in place of my math assignment? 

a couple warm-ups! I have a bad habit of naming my files before i decide what to draw so these are “streetstyle.png” and “nest.png” respectively. 

yay life.


again for squarerootofapencil who i’ve been forcing to give me prompts, haha. i should probably also say that this style is pretty heavily inspired by quentin blake

i don’t really know how i feel about the dark background so here are both versions. dedicated (?) to squarerootofapencil :D

cactii! dang i’m kind of into this style. however i seriously need to go through and delete extra brushes i keep downloading more and using like, one brush in a set of fifteen.

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